The annual European Kidney Forum, held each Spring in the European Parliament, is hosted by EKHA and the MEP Group for Kidney Health. 

National nephrology, renal nurse and patient representatives have the opportunity to meet with MEPs, share experiences, and discuss about the issue that means the most to them – kidney health and patient care in their country. 

European Kidney Forum 2022: The Decade of the Kidney™

European Kidney Forum 2021 – Unmet needs & challenges in access to treatments in Europe – The case of Chronic Kidney Disease

European Kidney Forum 2020 – A Shared Vision for Improving Organ Donation and Transplantation in the EU Beyond 2020

European Kidney Forum 2019 – Organ Donation and Transplantation in Europe – Are We Meeting the Needs of  Patients?

European Kidney Forum 2018 – Kidney Donation and Transplantation –  The gift of life

European Kidney Forum 2017 – Patient Choice of Treatment 

European Kidney Forum 2016 – Moving from Disease Care to Health Care- A paradigm shift that focuses on Prevention 

European Kidney Forum 2015 – Sustainable Kidney Care: Is it possible?