EKHA welcomes the involvement of national and other European not-for-profit kidney related organisations if there are synergies between EKHA activities at EU level and their own initiatives. These groups may join the Alliance as Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members will be kept informed of all kidney and chronic disease-related policy initiatives being formulated at EU-level and will have the chance to provide input into EKHA’s activities in relation to these initiatives. Diffusion of EKHA’s policy messages and awareness activities may be carried out via Associate Members at national level. For more information please contact info@ekha.eu

EKHA affiliated membership fees

National Nephrology / Renal Associations:

  • € 2750 for organisations with more than 500 members
  • € 1350 for organisations with between 250-500 members
  • € 800 for organisations with between 100-250 members
  • € 275 for organisations with less than 100 members

Patient organisations:

  • Umbrella organisations:
    • € 250 for small organisations with <25 members
    • € 500 for medium organisation with 25-50 members
    • € 750 for large organisations with >50 members
  • With individual members : €750

Other NGO’s in the Nephrology / NCD network:

  • €2750

Albanian Society of Nephrology


Belgian Nephrology Society

Belgian nephrologists Society – French speaking GNFB

Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDT) Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation


Croatian Society of Nephrology

Czech Society of Nephrology

Dutch Kidney Patients Association (NVN)

Estonian Society of Nephrology (ENS)  



French Society of Dialysis & Transplantation(SFNDT)

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Georgia Society of Dialysis, Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation Union

German Society of Nephrology (DGfN)

Greece Society of Nephrology

Hungarian Nephrology Society

Italian Society of Nephrology (SIN)

Kidney Care UK

Kuratorium für Dialyse

Latvian Association of Nephrology

Lithuanian Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation Association (LNDTA)

National Kidney Federation

Nederlandstalige Belgische Vereniging voor Nefrologie

Polish Nephrology Society

Portuguese Society of Nephrology (SPN)  


Romanian Society of Nephrology

Russian Dialysis Society

Serbian Medical Society

Slovenian Society of Nephrology (SNS)

Spanish Dialysis Foundation 

Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN)

Sweden Society of Neprhology

Turkish Society of Nephrology (TSN)

Ukrainian Nephrology Association