European Nephrologists, Nurses, Patients and Foundations have joined forces for the improvement of Kidney Health in Europe. EKHA is the means to achieve this.


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April 2019 EKHA Activities Thematic Network Update Take part in the 1st Thematic Network webinar on “Improving organ donation and transplantation in the EU.” Register here to share your ideas and comments on EKHA’s Joint Statement. Read More here Should you have any questions, please e-mail EUROPEAN KIDNEY FORUM – Save the Date EKHA […]

EKHA Insights: MEP Group for Kidney Health

While election outcomes can never be predicted with certainty, here’s what is known to date about the current MEP Kidney Health Group: Not returning in the fall: Miroslav Mikolasik (EPP, SL) Karin Kadenbach (S&D, AU) – Co-Chair of MEP Group for Kidney Health Expected to stand again for re-election (depending on their position on their […]