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Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs Enters into Force

The first international treaty aimed at combating trafficking in human organs, the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs recently entered into force in the first five countries which have some far ratified it. Another 17 countries have signed but not ratified the Convention: Albania, Czech Republic, Malta, the Republic of Moldova and […]

UK — Getting Closer to an Opt-Out System for Organ Donation

As mentioned in EKHA Newsletter’s previous edition, Theresa May initiated plans to implement an opt-out system for organ donation last October and is undergoing a consultation on the issue. In parallel, MP Geoffrey Robinson’s private members’ bill, recently passed its second reading in Parliament and will now be examined at the committee level. If enacted, […]

Celebrate World Kidney Day 2018!

This year’s World Kidney Day is entitled “Kidneys & Women’s Health: Include, Value, Empower” celebrates kidneys and women’s Health. With World Kidney Day and the International Women’s Day 2018 being commemorated on the same day, this offers a good opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’ s health and specifically their kidney health. WKD […]