European Nephrologists, Nurses, Patients and Foundations have joined forces for the improvement of Kidney Health in Europe. EKHA is the means to achieve this.


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Horizon Europe : towards “citizen science”

As illustrated by priority being given to “open research” and “open innovations” in the European Commission new EU Research Framework Programme, “Horizon Europe” aims to ensure effective cooperation between science and society and pairing scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility. With a proposed total budget of 100 Billion euros, Horizon Europe is based on […]

Spinning Marathon to support patients waiting for a transplant

On the occasion of the European Organ Donation Day, the city of Luxembourg organized a “spinning Marathon” to express support to patients waiting for a transplant. Transplanted patients could also take part in the event to illustrate their “coming back to life” after receiving a transplant. The event aims to raise awareness on organ donation […]