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The EU's next Research Framework : Horizon Europe

The European Commission is working on the successor of Horizon 2020, the next EU Research Framework Programme which will outline research priorities beyond 2020. A draft version of the framework (dated 11 April), noted that the biggest changes in the next research funding scheme will be the creation of a European Innovation Council and a […]

What role for the European Commission on organ donation and transplantation?

With health being a competence of the Member States (MS), the European Commission  mandate on the issue is limited to improving cooperation between Member States, to foster best-practice exchange and to establish measures setting high standards of quality and safety of organs – as outlined by Stefaan Van der Spiegel, Team Leader ‘Substances of human […]

CKD and transplantation in the UK : a patient’s viewpoint

For Kidney Care UK representative Fiona Loud – transplantation is “the gold standard treatment” – as she put it at the European Kidney Forum 2018 in Brussels. Affected by a rare disease causing pre-eclampsia and having to face two episodes of kidney cancer, Fiona Loud said she was fortunate enough to benefit from a transplant […]