Since 1968, the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting Nederland) focuses its activities on kidney patients in the Netherlands. Central goal is improving the quality of life of kidney patients. The Dutch Kidney Foundation supports scientific research into causes, prevention and improved treatment of kidney disease and kidney failure. Furthermore, the Dutch Kidney Foundation is working to improve the quality dialysis treatment and to increase the number of kidney transplantations. More than 50% of the research in the Netherlands is financed by the Foundation.


The European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association (EDTNA/ERCA) is a multidisciplinary organisation of individual members including nurses, technicians, social workers, dieticians, unit managers, transplant co-ordinators and other professionals working with people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), undergoing renal replacement therapy or kidney transplantation. The Association’s mission is to provide educational and research initiatives to assist in the professional development of all renal healthcare professionals and improve the quality of care to those with CKD.


The European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF/CEAPIR), founded in 1981, is the umbrella organisation for 23 national kidney patients’ associations in Europe. The main aims of CEAPIR are to promote the prevention of kidney disease, establish access to treatment for all European kidney patients and a European quality standard on the treatment of End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD), promote the well-being, social security and living conditions of all ESKD patients and their carers, co-operate and exchange information with organisations and bodies involved in renal therapy, and promote organ donation and transplantation.


The European Renal Association (ERA), founded in 1964, is one of the most rapidly growing medical associations whose purpose is to encourage and report advances in the field of clinical nephrology, dialysis, renal transplantation and related subjects. It is open to all qualified workers in the field of interest of the Association.


The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is a global professional association dedicated to advancing and improving kidney health worldwide since 1960 through education, grants, research, and advocacy. The ISN, through its members and in collaboration with national and regional societies, engages 30,000 health professionals from across the globe to reduce the burden of kidney diseases and provide optimal health care for patients by:

  • Bridging the gaps of available care through advocacy and collaborations with our global partners
  • Building capacity in healthcare professionals via granting programs, education and research
  • Connecting health providers, NGOs, politicians, and the general public to develop a stronger understanding of the management of kidney disease.


The European Society for Paediatric Nephrology (ESPN) was founded in 1967 with the goal of diffusing knowledge and improving the treatment of children with kidney diseases. ESPN brings together clinical professionals and researchers that operate in the field of Paediatric Nephrology throughout Europe and comprises more than 750 active members.


ESOT, the European Society for Organ Transplantation, was established 40 years ago to promote excellence in organ transplantation. Over the years, ESOT has facilitated many international clinical trials and research collaborations, all of which are dedicated to improving patient outcomes in transplantation. With a community of over 8,000 members from all across the globe, ESOT is an influential international organisation that hosts a biennial congress which attracts around 3,500 experts. The congress is also a platform to discuss and exchange views on the latest scientific research. ESOT works with leading transplantation experts and has an impressive track record supporting research, education, and European policy changes.

ERKNet (

ERKNet is the European Reference Network for Rare Kidney Diseases, a consortium of 72 expert pediatric and adult nephrology centers in 24 European countries providing healthcare to more than 70,000 patients with rare disorders of the kidneys.

The ERKNet partners offer top quality multidisciplinary healthcare for a wide range of rare kidney disorders. They uniformly apply clinical guidelines and pathways according to latest medical knowledge and strictly monitor the quality and outcomes of therapy across the Network.

ERKNet offers virtual consultation services to physicians throughout Europe who need advice for challenging cases with a rare kidney disease.  

ERKNet is dedicated to improve knowledge about rare kidney diseases among patients and healthcare professionals. We disseminate disease information via this website and by multiple education and training activities. 

ERKNet works closely with European patient advocates (ePAGs) and different renal patient communities and organizations.

ERKNet actively supports clinical research to improve diagnosis and risk prediction and advance the development of new therapies for patients with rare kidney disorders.