EKHA engages in a constructive dialogue with EU decision makers, providing the necessary data for informed policy making. Its unique configuration bringing together patients, doctors, nurses and foundations assures that all the relevant angles for kidney health are covered.

Read our position papers by clicking on the links below. See also the section dedicated to EKHA Recommendations for Sustainable Kidney Care


Kidney Manifesto


Open letter : Call for a renewed EU action plan on organ donation and transplantation in the 2024-2029 mandate 

Improving care and awareness of CKD – Raymond Vanholder, Eveline Scheres

“ A Stitch in Time: Early Intervention to Tackle Europe’s NCD Crisis” PHSSR EU Expert Advisory Group including Raymond Vanholder.  


EKHA intern thesis: Self-management in chronic kidney patients – Research to the added value of a Disease Management Toolbox


EKHA call to action to improve CKD prevention, treatment and care in the aftermath of COVID-19

EKHA open letter to EU policy makers: Life after COVID-19: time to realise a second EU Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation


EKHA position paper on the new EU pharmaceutical strategy 

EKHA open letter to EU policy makers: 5 key recommendations to improve prevention, treatment and care of Chronic Kidney Disease in the aftermath of COVID-19

EKHA position paper ahead of the hearing of the Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health

EKHA Infographic


EKHA recommendations for sustainable kidney care.


EKHA Calls on EU Policy Makers to step up to the challenge of improving access to kidney care in Europe

The Alarming Rise in Chronic Kidney Disease in Europe: How to deal with this costly problem

Is kidney disease really such an important issue for Europe?

EKHA Question to Commissioner-designate for Health


EKHA Kidney Health and Disease Key FactsEKHA 2012 Letter to Commissioner Dalli