Read EKHA’s conversation with Prof. Vanholder, Prof. Ivanov, Prof. Tuğlular, and Mr. Gallego!

World Kidney Day 2023 – Kidney Health for All Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable! This year, World Kidney Day highlights the significant impact...

EKHA co-signs Open Letter ‘End German aberration in organ donation policy – Catastrophic results after 3 years of new legislation’

EKHA co-signed ProTransplant’s open letter calling for a fundamental reform of the German transplant legislation. The open letter calls on the German federal and state...

Show your Kidneys love!

New campaign for kidney health. 9 March 2023 EKHA and partners launches new campaign for kidney health : Show your kidneys love! Worldwide, 700 to 800...

The earthquakes in Turkey & Syria have destroyed infrastructure and interfered with access to life-saving therapies.

🗣️ "Disasters may occur anywhere but preparation is vital to mitigate effects" as expressed by Prof. Dr. Tuğlular

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Disastrous events, natural or man-made, have a serious impact on the life of #kidney patients 👉 their ability to access diagnostic services, treatments and care is jeopardized

Read EKHA's Q&A on the link between kidney health and disasters here 👇

"Disease awareness by diagnosing kidney disease through albuminuria testing is key. Kidney test should be reimbursed."

@ERA's Prof. Wanner explains what is kidney disease screening & why it is urgently needed.

👉Read his interview here:

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