EKHA is a common effort by stakeholders to propose solutions for the challenges of Chronic Kidney Disease in Europe through effective prevention and a more efficient care pathway intended to facilitate the provision of appropriate and affordable treatment to all Europeans equally, while promoting the highest quality of care. EKHA works on the principle that the issue of kidney health and disease must be considered at European level and that both the European Commission and European Parliament have vital roles to play in assisting national governments with these challenges.


Conceived in 2006 and launched in 2007, the purpose of the European Kidney Health Alliance is to work together to reduce the incidence and impact of kidney disease in the Europe to promote awareness and prevention, improve treatment for CKD patients, and to increase education/training and research. The Alliance was formed to support its member organisations in pursuing common goals.

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  • MEP Group
  • ECDA
  • Decade of the Kidney
  • AAKP