Dear mrs, sir, colleague,  

On behalf of the International Home Dialysis Roundtable (IHDR) Compendium Committee, we are thrilled to announce that we are now inviting submissions to the Compendium on home dialysis, which is a repository of documents related to home dialysis that IHDR will post on the web to make it publicly available  to the community!

As you may know, over 2022, the IHDR has prioritized the creation of a global digital compendium of educational resources to help kidney healthcare professionals and patients around the world share best practices, learn from each other and align on advocating in support of access to home care. The Compendium is being built to increase visibility and collaboration around the world, highlighting many of the projects, research, and education stakeholders are doing that could be utilized or replicated elsewhere in order to increase home dialysis across regions. We look forward to populating the compendium with materials from our stakeholders across the world-including you and your organizations. 

We encourage you to consider submitting materials for posting in the Compendium; we welcome materials of all kinds, both audio/video and written, that can help raise awareness, educate, or highlight programs of interest for patients and clinicians. Examples include, but are not limited to presentations from roundtables, education guides, patient stories, examples of policy change and how it was achieved, and case studies of successful home dialysis programs. 

Please feel free to further distribute this letter with attachment through your network.

For each submission, please fill out the short attached packet and include either the material itself or a link to it online. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

As this e-mail will be sent out via several channels, you may receive an e-mail with a similar message as this one also via other sources. We are afraid this is unavoidable if we want to receive an as broad  as possible array of examples. Please disregard these subsequent e-mails.

Thank you so much for your consideration of this request. We look forward to your submissions! 

Michelle Seger,

On behalf of Raymond Vanholder

President European Kidney Health Alliance