Read EKHA’s new paper looking into the effects of massive disaster on kidney transplantation

EKHA released a Consensus Statement together with the DESCARTES Working Group and the Ethics Committee of the European Renal Association (ERA), analyzing the effects of...

EDTNA/ERCA published new recommendations for Sustainable Kidney Care and Green Dialysis

EDTNA/ERCA published a new set of recommendations for improving sustainable kidney care and providing support to patients and healthcare providers to decrease the environmental impact...

Read EKHA’s new article on armed conflicts and kidney patients

EKHA recently published an article discussing the effects armed conflicts have on kidney patients. The article highlights the unique challenges armed conflicts present to patients...

EKHA is focusing on ways to advance #Dialysis for #CKD patients

Pathway 1: Reducing Societal Costs💶 Current costs include:
➡ Dialysis procedure
➡ Hospitalisations
➡ Ambulatory care
➡ Medications
➡ Transportation
➡ Productivity losses

Nous participons à cet événement aux côtés de @EKHA_EU 👍
Un partenariat et une collaboration fructueuse au plan européen 🇪🇺

📢Happened on Nov 30, 2022, in the European Parliament, the roundtable What role for the EU in tackling inequalities in kidney care?
A successful meeting, hosted by MEP @KnotekOndrej and organised by @EKHA_EU and the Czech Society of Nephrology, under the auspices of @EU2022_CZ

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