The European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) and the Decade of the Kidney™

This article describes the history of EKHA, its activities and aims, and why EKHA joined the Decade of the Kidney™. The article also covers the...

Continuing kidney care in conflicts

The recent article of EKHA looks into the devastating effect of the Ukrainian conflict on people with kidney disease. Wars especially endanger patients with kidney...

EDTAKI: a Nephrology and Public Policy Committee platform call for more European involvement in acute kidney injury

In this article, EKHA analyses the current position of European nephrology in the field of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). The results suggest that there is...

Read EKHA's recent paper to learn about EKHA's history, activities & aims, and why we joined the Decade of the Kidney™!

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EKHA's recent article looks into the devastating effect of the #Ukraine war on people with #kidneyDisease.

We propose a sustainable action plan to prepare for similar logistical challenges in future conflicts.

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🇪🇺There is room to improve the contribution #nephrology in the field of Acute Kidney Injury. We must encourage clinical #collaboration on #AKI across EU & the creation of a pan-EU nephrology network of interested units.

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