In 2010 the European Commission initiated a reflection process on chronic diseases, the outcomes of which are still awaited. A possible, and positive result could be a European chronic disease strategy/framework, for which many EU level patient and health organisations, including EKHA, are advocating for. The main milestones of this process are outlined below.  Please also see the European Chronic Disease Alliance for more information on action to influence this process (link to ECDA section of EKHA’s site).

  • Council Conclusions on innovative approaches for chronic diseases, 2010: they launched the EU reflection process on chronic diseases. As well, they aim at integrating chronic disease research as a priority and to strengthen cooperation with international organisms such as the WHO and the OECD. 
  • EU Summit on Chronic Diseases, 2014: the summit was meant as a further step –a boost-  in the reflection process of prevention and management of chronic diseases. The focus was to deepen into the EU’s added value in this issue. Prof Norbert Lameire, EKHA chairman at the time, participated as a speaker in the conference. 
  • Joint Action on Chronic Diseases CHRODIS, 2014-2017: Aimed at addressing chronic diseases through exchange of good practices, its main outcome is expected to be a mechanism for the collection, validation, scaling-up and transferring the mentioned good practices. Prof Raymond Vanholder, current EKHA chairman, was the keynote speaker at CHRODIS’ 2nd Stakeholder Forum, held on February 2015. Please click here to watch the CHRODIS video