EKHA 15th Anniversary – Celebrating kidney health advocacy in Europe

In 2022, EKHA is celebrating its 15th Anniversary! Over the last 15 years, EKHA’s mission has been to bring together the kidney health community to improve the quality of life of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients in Europe. EKHA has become an influential entity with 27 members, whose collective goal is to shape EU policies to limit the incidence and progression of CKD. As well as to improve therapies and quality of life for all CKD patients.

EKHA’s advocacy work over the last 15 years focused on four priorities:
1. Prevention & screening
2. Fair patient access to all treatment options
3. Innovative and green therapies
4. Information and education

By advocating for these priorities, EKHA contributed to many successes for kidney health:
– Increasing awareness of kidney disease in main EU initiatives and policies
– Creating an influential network of nephrology societies and patients’ associations at EU level
– Securing the support of key EU decision makers including Members of the European Parliament (MEP) Group for Kidney Health, successive presidencies of the Council of the EU and European Commission representatives
– Scaling up funding opportunities for Chronic Kidney Disease prevention, treatment and care

In the next 15 years, EKHA will build on these successes to give CKD the recognition it deserves at the EU level. It is urgent that CKD is framed as a public health emergency, and the Alliance will continue to advocate for this paradigm shift.

Hear about EKHA’s achievements from our Board Members and supporters from the European Parliament!

Read more about EKHA’s achievements over the last 15 years in our factsheet.