Read EKHA’s new publication on how to increase kidney transplant activity throughout Europe

EKHA’s new publication in the Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (NDT) Journal reviews the current state of kidney transplantation activities throughout Europe and makes suggestions to improve transplantation rates.

According to the article, kidney transplantation offers better outcomes and quality of life at lower societal costs compared with other options of Renal Replacement Therapy. Although the EU has made considerable efforts in the previous decade to stimulate transplantation activity, the discrepancies among European countries suggest that there is still room for improvement.

EU efforts have partially been dampened by external factors such as economic crises or legal issues, especially the illicit manipulation of waiting lists. Therefore, growth in the application for transplantation throughout Europe virtually remained unchanged over the last few years. Continued efforts are warranted to further stimulate transplantation rates, along with the current registration and data analysis efforts supported by the EU in the EDITH project

The article concludes that future actions should concentrate on organization, harmonization and improvement of the legal consent framework, population education and financial stimuli.

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