Learning about Kidney Disease over a pint: get inspired by the UK initiative!

On 14-16 May, Kidney Research UK, the leading charity dedicated to research into kidney disease in the UK is for the second year in a row, partnering with the “Pint of Science Festival”, an international science festival bringing together leading scientists and researchers to local pubs, so people can discover and learn about science over a pint. Researchers from all over the country – 32 cities are participating this year – will address their “special” audience by sharing updates on the research currently being carried out on the kidney. Fascinating speeches will be delivered about the kidney, how it works, what happen when it fails, pregnancy and kidney disease, and much more!

More about the Science over a Pint Festival: https://pintofscience.co.uk/

About Kidney Research UK: http://www.kidneyresearchuk.org

Source: https://www.kidneyresearchuk.org/news/pint-of-science-takes-a-look-at-all-things-kidney