Horizon Europe : towards “citizen science”

As illustrated by priority being given to “open research” and “open innovations” in the European Commission new EU Research Framework Programme, “Horizon Europe” aims to ensure effective cooperation between science and society and pairing scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility.

With a proposed total budget of 100 Billion euros, Horizon Europe is based on four complementary and interconnected pillars.

  • The pillar “Open Science” supporting excellent basic science. The aim is to reinforce the European Union’s scientific leadership and to develop high-quality knowledge and skills.
  • The pillar “Global Challenges and European Competitiveness” supporting research which addresses societal challenges within health, security, digital, climate, energy, mobility, food and natural resources. A limited number of “research missions” – an innovative concept designed to specifically bring science and innovation closer to the end-user – will be implemented through partnerships with civil society, pilots, etc.
  • The pillar “Open Innovation” focusing on breakthrough and market-creating innovation.
  • A fourth, horizontal pillar aiming to strengthen the European Research Area and including measures supporting Member States in collaborating and making the most out of their national research programmes and innovation potential.

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