Healthcare System Resilience Summit: statement and call to action

The Healthcare System Resilience Summit, held at the World Expo in Dubai on 30-31 January 2022, convened leaders from across the globe to share learnings and plan actions to make COVID-19 the catalyst for stronger health systems across the globe. A group of stakeholders, including Prof. Raymond Vanholder, EKHA President, launched a ‘Call for urgent action to ensure health system resilience and sustainability’.

The group urges all stakeholders to set ambitious goals to:

1- Treat healthcare as a strategic asset, with an investment mindset,

2- Ensure the right to health, and the right to care – for everyone,

3- Prevention to be prioritised with all healthcare systems,

4- Build a digital capability and policy framework to make health services more targeted, efficient, and responsive

5- Collaborate across borders and sectors to learn and act together.

Read the full call to action here.