Gift Of Life Campaign Advocacy Guidance for National Members

EKHA has developed tailored advocacy campaign guidance here to help our network get involved with and disseminate the key messages of the Gift of Life campaign to improve access to transplantation in Europe.


Given that hospital-based dialysis can cost as much as 80K€ per patient per year, that 1 in 10 Europeans has some degree of kidney impairment and that 3 patients per day die in the EU while waiting for a transplant, EKHA believes it is urgent to call for a change to policies affecting kidney health and patient care in Europe.


EKHA is encouraging European stakeholders to take action to ensure this change will happen. How? By advocating towards public and private audiences e.g policy-makers, industry, insurance/payers, doctors, patients, families, etc. in favour of organ donation and transplantation. Advocacy is not reserved to an elite. It can be done by anyone possessing the right methodology, tools and knowledge needed to know where to start and how to progress towards a goal.


Feel free to contact if you have any questions!