Focus on the EDITH Project

Started on 1st January 2017 with funding from the European Commission under the 3rd Health Programme, the EDITH project is based on the realization that different treatment modalities are currently used throughout the EU for End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). It aims to examine the factors that influence the different treatment choices and the impact of the differing CKD treatment modalities, organ donation and transplantation practices on health expenditures and patient outcomes.

The project is subdivided into six closely interlinked work packages covering – amongst others –  the analysis of epidemiology and costs of different treatment modalities for end-stage kidney disease, analyses on health care budgets, set up of a European Living Donor Registry and a European Kidney Transplant Registry for the follow-up of living donors and transplant recipients, respectively. In addition, to understand the reasons for the differences in the number of patients with a particular form of dialysis or kidney transplant, surveys are being performed towards patients and nephrologists, the results of which will help examine factors that influence the choice of treatment modalities made by patients and nephrologists.

EDITH is a 36-month project, thus ending 31st December 2019. More information on

Make sure to attend the presentation of the initial EDITH ouctomes at EKHA European Kidney Forum! Vianda Stel, PhD at the ERA-EDTA Registry, one of the 10 consortium members will update us on the status of the project and share initial outcomes.

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