Eurotransplant to Award a young researcher with the ‘Eurotrans-plant Jon van Rood Award

For the first time, Eurotransplant, the international collaborative platform gathering all transplant hospitals, tissue-typing laboratories and hospitals where organ donations take place in Europe, will award a young researcher with the ‘Eurotransplant Jon van Rood Award’.

The winner, to be selected from the twelve scientific publications submitted and reviewed by an international jury, will be announced and awarded during the Presidential symposium of Eurotransplant’s Annual Meeting on ( on October 4 and 5 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Eurotransplant Annual Meeting will offer presentations and workshops dedicated to the latest developments in the area of organ procurement, organ allocation, organ transplantation, aftercare and ethical issues. The programme features, amongst other things, a presentation of the latest figures and trends regarding the waiting list, organ donation and transplantation in the Eurotransplant member countries and thematic workshops on organ-related topics.

The Eurotransplant Annual Meeting is open to all professionals involved in clinical care and research related to organ donation and transplantation. Besides physicians, surgeons and transplant researchers, all different related health professionals involved in transplantation and donation such as clinical and donation coordinators are welcome.

The meeting is also of interest to medical ethicists and patient representatives as well as families and relatives of organ donors and transplanted patients.

About Eurotransplant:

As mediator between donor and recipient, Eurotransplant plays a key role in the allocation and distribution of donor organs for transplantation. The mission statement and goals of Eurotransplant express the foundation’s main target: to ensure an optimal use of available donor organs. The allocation system is based upon medical and ethical criteria. Through conducting and facilitating scientific research, Eurotransplant aims at a constant improvement of transplant outcomes.