EKHA has authored or contributed to the following publications.


Health literacy problems of kidney patients
Lameire, N., & Vanholder, R. Available here.

Expanding Utilization of Home Dialysis: An Action Agenda From the First International Home Dialysis Roundtable
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Roadmap: Organ donation and transplantation: a multi-stakeholder call to action
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Fighting the unbearable lightness of neglecting kidney health: the decade of the kidney
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International Society of Nephrology Global Kidney Health Atlas: structures, organization, and services for the management of kidney failure in Western Europe
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EDTAKI: A nephrology and public policy committee platform call for more European involvement in AKI
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Results of the European EDITH nephrologist survey on factors influencing treatment modality choice for end-stage kidney disease
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Patient-reported factors influencing the choice of their kidney replacement treatment modality
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Data sharing under the General Data Protection Regulation, time to harmonize law and research ethics?
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COVID-19 and policy changes for kidney disease: the need for a ‘decade of the kidney’
Vanholder, R., & Lameire, N. Available here.

Mass Disasters and Burnout in Nephrology Personnel: From Earthquakes and Hurricanes to COVID-19 Pandemic
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Supplemented ERA-EDTA Registry data evaluated the frequency of dialysis, kidney transplantation and comprehensive conservative management for patients with kidney failure in Europe
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A roadmap for optimizing chronic kidney disease patient care and patient-oriented research in the Eastern European nephrology community
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A call for harmonization of European kidney care: dialysis reimbursement and distribution of kidney replacement therapies
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Health Policy for Dialysis Care in Canada and the United States
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The current and future landscape of dialysis
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Funding kidney research as a public health priority: challenges and opportunities
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How to increase kidney transplant activity throughout Europe-an advocacy review by the European Kidney Health Alliance
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Nephrology and Public Policy Committee propositions to stimulate research collaboration in adults and children in Europe
Massy, Z. A., Caskey, F. J., Finne, P., Harambat, J., Jager, K. J., Nagler, E., … & Zoccali, C. Available here.


Further approaches to reduce the cost of renal replacement therapy
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Reducing the costs of chronic kidney disease while delivering quality health care: a call to action
Vanholder, R., Annemans, L., Brown, E., Gansevoort, R., Gout-Zwart, J. J., Lameire, N., … & Zoccali, C. Available here.