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MEP Group for Kidney Health

Logo_of_the_European_ParliamentThe MEP Group for Kidney Health is the informal group of Members of the European Parliament committed to improve the policy response to the growing burden of kidney disease in Europe. The MEP Group has been running since 2008, acting as a successful debate forum in topics such as sustainability of healthcare systems and health inequalities.
“More than 85 million Europeans suffer from kidney disease, which is often diagnosed too late, taking a heavy toll on patients’ lives as well as healthcare systems. The MEP Group for Kidney Health brings together Members of the European Parliament committed to improving the policy response to kidney disease and raising awareness of the importance of prevention. I am very happy to chair the Group, because I think we can achieve a lot if we join forces and work at European level. I have seen what struggle it is to cope with kidney disease as my sister-in-law suffers from it. I hope that through the Group, we can help improving the quality of life of all kidney patients.” 
MEP Hilde Vautmans, Chair of the MEP Group for Kidney Health

Objectives of the MEP Group

The principal aim of the MEP Group for Kidney Health is to provide political impetus to improve policy on prevention, as well as improved access to best-practice care for all EU citizens. By acting as a hub between stakeholders for the exchange of information and dialogue on kidney health, the MEP Group for Kidney Health serves to:
– Drive the development and implementation of targeted EU policies on kidney health addressing prevention, early detection, and improved treatment access, particularly of transplantation
– Address specific EU and national policies which have a potential impact on the lives of kidney patients and their carers
– Promote the implementation and harmonisation of organ donation and transplantation policies across the EU

Current Members 

Biljana Borzan (S&D, Croatia)
The rising prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is truly alarming, placing more and more Europeans at risk of becoming dependent on dialysis or transplantation. As a physician and policymaker, I therefore fully support the MEP Group for Kidney Health efforts to raise the profile of kidney disease at the EU level and establish CKD prevention as a policy priority.
Brando Benifei (Italy, S&D)
Kidney health is a key issue for EU citizens nowadays. We must stand for a quality healthcare in order to provide equality and inclusion for everyone. This is why I am excited to be part of the Group.
Martin Buschmann (Germany, Non-attached)
The reason I have joined the Group is the fact that I am dependent on dialysis since April this year. It is not easy to handle this handicap with the work in the Parliament. But it is possible and I am very happy to have lovely staff members who always support me.
Olivier Chastel (Belgium, Renew)
Cindy Franssen (Belgium, EPP)
Rasa Juknevičienė (Lithuania, EPP)
Peter Liese (Germany, EPP)
Marian-Jean Marinescu (Romania, EPP)
All European citizens have the right to a healthy life, without any discrimination regarding access to best medical expertise, best treatment and the newest medical innovations. The European Parliament has to be the guardian of equal and quality medical care for all those in need.
Liudas Mažylis (Lithuania, EPP)
I am aware of different types of kidney diseases - including the acute, chronic, and secondary ones - not just because I researched them as a scientist, but also because some of my family members suffered from them. So I can say that I have a good grasp on the issues from the patient's point of view and I understand that these diseases need to be combated in a comprehensive manner, from multiple angles simultaneously.
Juozas Olekas (Lithuania, S&D)
Aldo Patriciello (Italy, EPP)
Kidneys are vital to your overall health, so it's important to look after them. I’m a member of the MEP Group for Kidney Health to involve all the policy makers to develop and implement policies to ensure integration and synergies for kidney disease prevention and treatment within existing initiatives.
Jutta Paulus (Germany, Greens/EFA)
I am a member of the MEP Group for Kidney Health, because I am a pharmacist, affected by the matter myself, through which I know how important that topic is. I am a member, because many medical practitioners are badly informed, especially when it comes to side effects on kidneys by widely distributed drugs.
Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland, EPP)
We all should pay better attention and value higher the importance of the kidney function for our health and well-being. The importance of kidney health has to be reflected better also on EU policies. I wanted to join the Group to support this purpose for kidney health, patient’s rights and improve organ donation and transplantation in the EU.
Manuel Pizarro (Portugal, S&D)
Karlo Ressler (EPP, Croatia)
Christel Schaldemose (Denmark, S&D)
Annie Schreijer-Pierik (Netherlands, EPP)
Ruža Tomašić (ECR, Croatia)
I have joined this group since I consider kidney health an extremely important segment of overall human health. Raising awareness in this health segment is a crucial matter for the well being of the future generations.

The role of EKHA in the MEP Group for Kidney Health

EKHA manages the Secretariat of the MEP Group for Kidney Health. MEPs involved in the Group have access- through EKHA’s network of experts- to valuable information relevant to their work on health policy; in exchange, the MEP Group is instrumental to raising awareness on CKD amongst other policy makers and stakeholders.