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MEP Group for Kidney Health event on Improving Prevention & Health literacy

Improving Prevention & Health LiteracyThe Quest to reduce economic burden of chronic disease in the EU  An event of the MEP Group for Kidney Health 19th October    On 19th October, EKHA, together with the MEP Group for Kidney Health held a meeting in the European Parliament to discuss how prevention and health literacy can help […]

MEP Group for Kidney Health

Logo_of_the_European_ParliamentThe MEP Group for Kidney Health is the informal group of Members of the European Parliament committed to improve the policy response to the growing burden of kidney disease in Europe. The MEP Group has been running since 2008, acting as a successful debate forum in topics such as sustainability of healthcare systems and health inequalities.
“Politics is for people, not for markets”
 MEP Karin Kadenbach,  Chair of the MEP Group for Kidney Health, during the European Kidney Forum 2015, speaking about EU health policies.

Objectives of the MEP Group 

The principal aim of the MEP Group for Kidney Health is to provide political impetus to improve policy on prevention, as well as improved access to best-practice care for all EU citizens. By acting as a hub between stakeholders for the exchange of information and dialogue on kidney health, the MEP Group for Kidney Health serves to:
– Drive the development and implementation of targeted EU policies on kidney health addressing prevention, early detection, and improved treatment access, particularly of transplantation
– Address specific EU and national policies which have a potential impact on the lives of kidney patients and their carers
– Promote the implementation and harmonisation of organ donation and transplantation policies across the EU

Current Members 


Kay Swinburne (UK, ECR)
Christel Schaldemose (Denmark, S&D)
Linda McAvan (UK, S&D)
Miroslav Mikolasik (Slovakia, EPP)
Peter Liese (Germany, EPP)
Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland, EPP)
"All patients in Europe are entitled to quality care and treatment. This right should be safeguarded through an EU directive on patients' rights."
Aldo Patriciello (Italy, EPP)
Glenis Willmott (UK, S&D)
"Chronic kidney disease affects at least 8% of Europeans. It is vitally important that we share best practice at EU level to ensure that patients have access to the best care and treatments"
Mark Demesmaeker (Belgium, ECR)
Annie Schreijer-Pierik (The Netherlands, EPP)
“When it comes to improving lifestyle, the healthiest choice must also be the easiest one. High salt intakes among children can lead to early kidney disease. In order to protect children, adults and CKD patients, food products must be urgently reformulated."
Brando Benifei (Italy, S&D)

The role of EKHA in the MEP Group for Kidney Health

EKHA manages the Secretariat of the MEP Group for Kidney Health. MEPs involved in the Group have access- through EKHA’s network of experts- to valuable information relevant to their work on health policy; in exchange, the MEP Group is instrumental to raising awareness on CKD amongst other policy makers and stakeholders.