2017 European Kidney Forum

2017 European Kidney Forum: Patient Choice of Treatment

Hosted by the MEP Group for Kidney Health

11th April 2017, 17:00 – 21:00, EU Thon Hotel, Brussels

The theme of the 2017 European Kidney Forum will be Patient Choice of Treatment, with the aim of debating how to bring about a shift from ‘patient compliance’ to ‘treatment compliance’ whereby treatment is adapted to the needs and lifestyle of the patient, rather than the reverse.

EKHA has carried out a multi-country survey to build a Snapshot of Renal Patient Choice in Europe to explore the issue in the context of sustainability of kidney care, economic impact on health systems, and outcomes impact on the patient and his or her quality of life. The results of this survey will be presented at the 2017 European Kidney Forum, along with a call to action asking Policy Makers to address any inequalities of access to choice of treatment for patients in the EU.

We invite you on the 11th April to join us in Brussels to debate the importance of patient-centred decision-making, the health economic factors behind treatment choice; and discuss how to address health inequalities across Europe and improve access to care.

More information is available here.

See the 2017 European Kidney Forum Programme

To register, please send an email at info@ekha.eu