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Interview with Prof Raymond Vanholder, EKHA President: LIFE 2021 Nephrology Congress

Prof Raymond Vanholder, European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) President, was interviewed for the LIFE 2021 Nephrology Congress. Prof Vanholder presented EKHA’s publication “Fighting the unbearable lightness of neglecting kidney health: the Decade of the Kidney™”, which discusses the unawareness of kidney disease outside the nephrology community and calls for political action at the EU level. Prof. Vanholder also took this opportunity to present the work EKHA is undertaking at the EU level to improve kidney health for the benefits of patients.

Watch the interview recording here.

Living better with CKD – improving the quality of life of CKD patients on dialysis across Europe

The European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) new publication ‘Living better with CKD – improving the quality of life of CKD patients on dialysis across Europe’ discusses the devastating impact of advanced stage kidney disease on the quality of life of patients. In doing so, it provides three recommendations to European policymakers for changes that could improve the quality of life of individuals on dialysis.

1- Introduce disease-specific quality of life indicators, including
patient-reported outcomes measures and patient-reported experience measures, as a key measure of success in dialysis care;
2- Establish a Dialysis Quality Guarantee to ensure all patients
receive high-quality dialysis care in countries where dialysis is fully establised;
3- Support healthcare professionals (physicians and nurses) to
focus on improving quality of life.

Read the paper here.