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EKHA supports campaign to raise awareness on Iron Deficiency Day

26 November 2019 is Iron Deficiency Day, an international initiative aiming to raise awareness of the serious impact of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia.

Since its launch in 2015, the Iron Deficiency Day aims to educate people globally about the importance of iron for the body and what may happen if iron levels are not properly managed. It encourages people to become better informed and take control over their health.

Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are estimated to affect one in three people worldwide. Yet, despite its serious consequences and high prevalence, iron deficiency remains an under-recognized condition. Patients with chronic kidney disease frequently suffer from iron deficiency, especially those treated with Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs).

EKHA President Professor Raymond Vanholder said: “EKHA supports the cause of iron deficiency, as this is a common yet frequently neglected problem affecting kidney patients’ quality of life, as well as the sustainability of the care provided to them.”  

Iron deficiency, with and without anemia, can be debilitating and exacerbate underlying chronic diseases, leading to increased morbidity and mortality. The symptoms of iron deficiency manifest in different ways; they are hard to determine and can be associated with a number of other health conditions, but common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitations
  • Pale skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Inability to concentrate

Iron Deficiency Day 2019 calls on everyone to ‘take iron seriously’, with a particular focus on the importance of iron deficiency in women’s health, and the connection between iron deficiency and chronic heart failure.

For more information, visit the Iron Deficiency Day website:

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EKHA becomes a Non-Profit Association under Belgian law

We are delighted to announce that EKHA has been incorporated as a Non-Profit Association (VZW) under Belgian law as of 26 August 2019.

The new legal status boosts EKHA’s impact and credibility by making it a more independent and transparent entity, with power and mandate to represent the kidney community in policy and strategy fora. Through our new statutes, a clear and efficient framework for good governance for EKHA has been put in place.

The transition also allows EKHA and its members to benefit from multiple opportunities, such as applying for grants and joining initiatives at the EU level.

Empowered with our new legal status, we look forward to continue working towards our aim of reducing the burden of kidney disease in Europe and improving patients’ lives. 

The new EKHA brochure is out!

The new EKHA brochure is now available via this link. Read to find out more about our work and achievements to date.

We encourage you to share the brochure within your network and help spread the word about how EKHA advances the cause of kidney health in Europe. 

If your organisation is not already a member, we look forward to welcoming you! Get in touch for further information: