The activities of EKHA are conducted under the responsibility of a Board of Directors, composed of one representative from each member organisation and chaired by the President.

EKHA Board of Directors



EKHA President, Prof. Raymond Vanholder

DKF, represented by Mr. Tom Oostrom

EDTNA/ERCA, represented by Ms. Edita Noruišienė EKPF, represented by Mr. Daniel Gallego ERA-EDTA, represented by Prof. Christoph Wanner   ISN, represented by Prof. Agnes Fogo   ISN, represented by Prof. Vivekanand Jha  


martinj monica-fontana

Prof. Norbert Lameire, EKHA Past President Mr Martijn Ubbink, for DKF Mr Alois Gorke, for EDTNA/ERCA Ms Monica Fontana, for ERA-EDTA Mr Paul Laffin, for ISN

EKHA Executive Committee

Prof. Raymond Vanholder, President

Ms Edita Noruišienė, Treasurer

Mr Tom Oostrom, Secretary